Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!
11:17 AM

Today's OCTOBER!!!! My favorite month for obvious reasons! The weather is always nice in October! John's birthday is next wednesday so we are going to order pizza and celebrate at home! I wish he could be off for it I know he's tired of working so much! He'll be 27! He acts like he's so old sometimes HAHA!
I love him!
So I talked to Moo's doctor today and she said he has reflux and she called in a prescription for him. She also wants to see him on the 20th because she wants to see why he has stinky arm pits. She thinks it may be a chemical defficiency or something. Poor baby, he's already gone through so much! I'm lucky though to have a healthy baby. When we went to the children's hospital for his circumcision we saw so many kids with more serious health problems, autism and down syndrom, and kids thats were in wheel chairs and couldn't move on their own only drool. So sad, sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it for them to live that way...

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