Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!
4:22 PM

Menas, Memphis' great grandma in Ohio, sent the most adorable pumpkin costume for Moo! I just had to put pics of it here on the blog! Also I finished my first 2 classes for school with 2 A's! Yeah! I'm so smart!

8:57 AM

Now it's starting to feel like fall here in Texas. Today is really windy and chilly, so nice not to have to use the airconditioning and we are saving a lot of money by not using it! This past weekend was fun, John finally got 2 days off in a row! We went to old navy to buy some clothes for John because he has no winter-y clothes. He says he wants to start dressing better, I'm such a trendsetter! The Moo keeps growing like a weed, he giggles and laughs a lot more and I have the pics to prove it! John and me were playing games with Moo trying to make him laugh, so cute! Memphis likes to grap John's face and suck on his nose, it's adorable.

I think there are raccoons living in our ceiling because we hear them crawling around and banging on stuff and scratching! I'm just waiting for one to run out of the fire-place like a wild monkey! It creeps me out when they are crawling around because they make loud banging noises. I especially get creeped out when I've been watching too much Ghost Hunters on the scifi channel! That show freaks me out. John has told me some of his paranormal experiences he's had and they scare me. I believe in ghosts but I don't want to meet any...NO thanks! I like not pooping in my pants! We are moving to NY which has a lot of history and some of it violent and his parents live right accross from a cemetary. Cemetaries are fun but only during the day! John's mom also said she could get me a job at a nail salon so that would be nice.

8:09 AM

Ok so I've got more pics to put up! These ones were taken over the past weekend. John and I are still really excited about moving, we can't wait! Everyday he comes home he always says he cannot wait until we move! The weather is really nice down here now, kind of chilly but still tolerable. I always liked this type of weather around thisw time of year!

Here's Moo with the bed to himself!

John is staying warm with Memphis! So cuuute!

11:08 AM

Here are some more pics of Memphis taken recently. He's growing so fast and starting to babble a lot and scream. It's so cute!

Memphis is like: "Whatever Dad!"

Memphy enjoys the skin on skin with Daddy!

Ok so recently I have found myself watching awful reality shows and I won't name them because it's embarassing. Anyway the people on some of thses shows are awful, to each other and just as themselves. I know these shows are scripted but come on, some people think they are real! Sorry just had to throw that in there.

Of my Baby Talking!

So here are some pics of Moo, these are new and were taken over the weekend!

This is the cake I baked for John
Moo looks so tired but so cute!

He really looks like John in this one!

Granny Moo

Biker Moo!

You know I thought I would wake up and feel different but I don't feel anything at all. I'm older...yay with sarcasm intended. I was happier oon John's bday. Funny how that works. Although I am making myself a wonder seafood dinner so I'm looking forward to that! I guess when you have kids your birthday doesn't matter anymore. John and I decided to move to NY at the end of April!

9:40 AM

This is a new picture that was taken last thursday! Doesn't Moo look so precious. His facial expressions look so sweet it makes me want to cry sometimes...out of joy of course!
So John and I are so excited about moving. We decided we only need about five grande saved up and an extra 1200 just to move, thats including my plane ticket and a carrier for the scion. So we want to move end of April early May because then we'll have more of a summer in New York and we can get ready for the long winter ahead because neither of us are used to it anymore, especially me. I just cannot wait to move!!! The other night we were all laying in bed as a family talking and laughing and Moo was eating when all of a sudden i felt this thing crawl across my hand which was under a pillow. I knew exactly what it was and i flew up and John flew up taking the computer with him, low and behold it was a huge roach so i ran out of the room with Memphis still attached and John killed it. I was so freaked out I slept on the couch with Moo leaving John all alone. haha I felt bad but I was too scared. John says it's too cold where his parents live for roaches to live and survive but he said they are all over NYC. Thankfully we are not moving there!

7:19 AM

Me and the Moo just got back from dropping John off at the airport (something I HATE doing) because he's going to dallas to pick up a motorcycle he bought from an old Vietnamese man. Won't that man be surprised when he sees a very Vietnamese John get off the plane! (he has no idea what John looks like only that his name is John Carnahan hehe) I miss John already... No matter how many time he has flown, or I've flown for that matter because it's been more than him, I still worry!!! He's then driving a truck back with the motorcycle in it on the 6 hour drive back to here from dallas! Anyway I've convinced John that we need to move to New York in June!! Actually I didn't need much convincing he is just excited about moving as I am. He says he's more relaxed now that he doesn't have to worry about where we are gonna live thats not ghetto or too expensive!

I've added some good pics of Memphis, some of these are old but I had forgotten to add them, they were taken on my phone. Seriously though I am soooo so excited about moving closer to both our families! John's excited about going back to school. He's gonna do dental hygienist instead of radiology because he said dentists pay more. We'll see he may change his mind again.

I cannot wait until we move! I'm so sick of San Antonio I could puke! I want Memphis to grow up in the country like I did with lots of room to run around and play and explore! John's parent's house sits on quite a bit of land so he'll have plenty of room. Plus he has a cousin who is only 6 months older than he is and that lives near by so he'll have someone his age to play with.

Doesn't Moo look like the sweetest baby ever in this picture? He's holding his monkey rattle thingy. He loves putting it in his mouth and sucking on it! He's getting soooo big, he's already growing out of his 3-6 month clothes! Anyways thats enough for now!

So my big baby is 27 today!!!! He has no idea but I'm baking him a cake for when he comes home...he'll be so surprised! We also decided we are moving to New York with his parents in May 09! I am so happy, he told his parents last night and they are, of course, very happy! We'll only be a few hours, not days, away from my family in Ohio! The only thing I'm worried about is the winter and how I' going to adjust to it. I will have to buy snow stuff. I havn't lived in snow for 13 years!!! I'm just glad we're moving out of San Antonio...no more HUGE roaches in the bathroom!!! We'll be living in the country so Memphis will have places to go run around and play!!! I'm soooooo excited! I can also get a part time job while John's mom happily cares for Memphis, I bet shes so excited because Memphis looks just like John did when he was a baby so it will be like raising John again! Anyway gotta go back to sleep now I'm tiiiired!

10:40 AM

Ok so while I wait for technical support to fix whats wrong with my school's website I will write a blog! Memphis is asleep next to me right now with his soothie still in his mouth! That thing is a life saver! Anyway he's been super cute this past weekend except for yesterday, he was really fussy! His medicine for his reflux seems to work although he spits most of it out! He's a lot calmer now in the evening time when he was usually fussy. Maybe it's because he's getting older who knows...

Lately i've been having these scary dreams. Last night I had one about someone getting murdered in our apartment complex...it was scary. John and I are really frustrated trying to find another apartment that is affordable and NOT ghetto! I suggested to him last night that we should just move to New York with his parents like they suggested. His dad said he could get John a job up there and I could also work while Memphis had quality time with his grandparents! We would be saving money the whole time for John to go back to school and if we wanted we could get an apartment of our own because I know living with his parents would get old. We both just wanna get out of San Antonio so bad...I'm afraid if we stay we will get stuck here!

I seriously can't wait until John can quit his job to go back to school. He has to work over time again tomorrow and while we may need the money he needs more days off! He dreads going to work and I don't blame him, he works really hard and he's not getting enough for it!
Anyways Memphis has mastered the pacifier (thanks goodness!) which means a little break for me once in a while. He sucks it until he goes to sleep! I never thought he would get the hang of it! He's sleeping right next to me now. Little cutie...
John and I are still trying to figure out where we are going to move to in December. Every apartment complex we go to they want too much money for a tiny apartment or the place is so ghetto we wouldn't feel safe there. It's sad this whole area used to be really nice and kind of upscale. The farther north we go the farther from John's work and the more expensive. We either need to pay a lot for little space or pay enough and be afraid our car or apartment will get broken into OR there will be loud college kids living next door having crazy parties. Although we'd probably deserve that because once we were those crazy kids having loud parties with kegs and copious amounts of liquor. It would be different if we didn't have Moo to worry about but his safety is priority #1 over anything else. And John worries the most because me and Moo are the ones who are home all the time and if we don't feel safe during the day then forget about it! A lot of complexes in this area have had numerous car break ins and since we haven't even payed our car off yet that would piss us both off! So stressful!
Anyway enough of my ranting about how much San Antonio sucks. I wish we could just pack up and move where our families are. A nice piece of land with a nice house on it is our dream. So we can have dogs and pigs and chickens running around and so Memphis has places to explore. Honestly the city is no place to raise children, too dangerous everywhere! John and I both grew up in the country and we want Moo to grow up there too!

11:17 AM

Today's OCTOBER!!!! My favorite month for obvious reasons! The weather is always nice in October! John's birthday is next wednesday so we are going to order pizza and celebrate at home! I wish he could be off for it I know he's tired of working so much! He'll be 27! He acts like he's so old sometimes HAHA!
I love him!
So I talked to Moo's doctor today and she said he has reflux and she called in a prescription for him. She also wants to see him on the 20th because she wants to see why he has stinky arm pits. She thinks it may be a chemical defficiency or something. Poor baby, he's already gone through so much! I'm lucky though to have a healthy baby. When we went to the children's hospital for his circumcision we saw so many kids with more serious health problems, autism and down syndrom, and kids thats were in wheel chairs and couldn't move on their own only drool. So sad, sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it for them to live that way...