Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Everyone!!! Just posting some pics of Memphis opening presents and just being Cute! We wish we were with our families now but next year we will be!!! Miss all of you!

3:54 PM

So Sorry for not posting anything new in a while. We have been so buusy packing and selling all our stuff. It's weird to think that I will (hopefully) never see San Antonio ever again! I bought Moo a warm and fussy cover all with a hood so when we get to detroit he will already be nice and warm and covered up. I already know what I am going to wear that day too. Not looking forward to leaving John and wish he could come with us. He hasn't been feeling well and the stress is weakening his body and mind. Plus the weather changed drastically again yesterday...it went from 80 on sunday to 32 on monday morning. It's weird how change in temperature can affect our bodies so much. Anyway hope you all like the new pictures! Moo will be 6 months old on the 27th!

This is Moo's version is "reading"..hahaha

1:25 PM

So yesterday I was feeding Moo some carrots with a big person spoon because all of his were dirty and I heard a distinct cling sound and when I felt his gums I can feel a little hard tooth peeking through! No wonder he's been a fussy gus lately. He gave his Daddy a hard time last night while I was at work. I think it's been hurting him and making him irritable, more so than he usually is. I was so excited when I found the tooth that I squeeled again and scared Memphis! I always do that when I get too excited! I don't have any pictures of the tooth yet but when you can actually see it I'll try to snap some.

It's getting closer and closer to moving time, and we still have so much to sell and box up. I need to have everything sold and shipped by the time I fly out of here Jan. 27th. I'm also in the last 2 weeks of my 3rd and 4th classes in school and I need to finish a paper and complete a powerpoint presentation. I better get busy!

1:20 PM

Ok so John and I tried to get ACTUAL cell phone service but for it to be under my name we'd have to pay a 700 dollar deposit per phone and 300 per phone for his. BS if you ask me. Makes me so mad!!!!! Anyway december is already going by fast. Pretty soon it will be time for me and Memphis to leave and we are so far from being ready. We are selling basically everything we own and will start over fresh and new! It'll feel good though to start over. I'm excited to leave here, it's so drepressing sometimes. The only downside is me and Memphis won't see John for maybe a few months, hopefully only 2 at the most. Whenever the snow decides to melt in NY. Anyway I don't have any new pics uploaded so this is just a short post to catch people up!

3:39 PM

This picture deffinately sums up the attitude Memphis is developing with me and John! Little Punk!

So I'm moving really soon, in a little less than 8 weeks, which will go fast anyway. Last week seemed like I was really busy and I sort of procrastinated on some school work and ended up turning it in the day before it was due, which is totally unlike me because I'm usually done with everything fir the week by wednesday. Anyway I guess it seemed busy because John was on vacation and it's hard to focus on school when he's around, which is funny because Memphis demands more of my attention than John does. haha Anyway now it's back to normal and John's at work. Oh I also started my job back up at Old Navy but I only work 3 days a week at the most. Last week was great because when John is working we only have 2 or 3 full days together and I start to miss him. It's going to be so hard when me and Moo go to Ohio for a month or two or whenever the snow decides to melt in NY. I'm gonna miss John so much, and John will miss Memphis a bunch! We are going to chat on the webcam every night though so he can see Memphis everyday. I'm also really nervous still about flying. All the flight cancelations in the midwest due to snow is maing me really nervous, because the weather is usually worse in January. So I'm hopinh for smooth travel and no long layovers and cancelations because that will be hell with Memphis! Anyway I'm posting some pics of Moo!
These socks are brand new and already a hole! hahahaha Moo's foot

HAHAHAHA I always catch Moo closing his eyes!

8:05 PM

Well it's getting closer to moving time, well for me anyway. I'm excited but I'm also sad because I will be away from John for so long. I will miss him so much and worry constantly. I'm also worried about flying, I haven't flown in over a year and I also haven't flown in snow in years and years. I know I need to stop worrying but sometimes I can't help it. I'm also trying to get Moo to sleep in his own bed, tonight is the first night I am going to really try and not pick him up. It's going to hurt me if he screams and crys a lot. I'm still doing good in school, I have 3 A's so far and a 100% in one class! I'm darn proud of myself.

"Hey don't take my picture!"
Playing with Po!

Supposed to be sleeping but playing with duckie!

I love it when he stares at John, so cute!

Too cute!!!

Also supposed to be sleeping!

Caught in the act!

I have most excellent news to tell: Memphis and I will be leaving San Antonio forever January 27th!!! We will be flying to Ohio and staying with my grandma and grandpa for a while, maybe until the snow melts. John will be staying here for a few weeks to a month and then he will drive to NY and come pick me up in Ohio! I'm sooooooooo excited!!! This means I have a ton of work to do before we take off. We need to start packing and selling everything! I also got my job back at Old Navy so we'll have those paychecks to add onto of savings pot! I am so happy I'm over joyed! I couldn't sleep last night because of all the thinking I've been doing! John and I both feel better now, before we were both getting depressed thinking about having to stay here until May. But now we can just start preparing to leave and never come back here to SA.

Anyway here are some pics of the Moo!

Fishy face
spacing out

so precious

sitting with daddy!

in the tub

a rare moment in the tub

shy moo

Well today we got our bathtub fixed, part of the wall was rotted out by mold and they had to replace the piece of wall and the tiles. Yeah apartments pretty much suck but at least we got a new faucet and knob! Anyway not much has changed here. It's slowly getting cold or I should say chilly. This weekend we are going to get all of our Thanksgiving stuff, turkey, corn, cranberry sauce, etc. I'm looking forward to that meal although I need to be watching my weight my belly is coming back and NO I'm not pregnant again thank goodness! Anyway the real reason I'm posting is I have CUTE new pics! Enjoy!

Memphis has finally taking a liking to the rice cereal, when I mix it with my self-squeezed breastmilk! And thats hard to do without a pump! Anyway he now eagerly opens his mouth when the spoon is near...so cute! And he's still trying to roll over, he hasn't done it sense the last post. His poops are already starting to smell worse too and turn green! As if they weren't stinky enough!

John's been working overtime every week for the past 3 months! At least he's off this saturday and sunday. Wonder what we're gonna do. Hopefully not nothing because I get crazy if I don't get out into the public on the weekends! It's nice to wear something other than ugly pajama-type clothing for once! Anyway I'm posting some cute pics!