Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!
8:05 PM

Well it's getting closer to moving time, well for me anyway. I'm excited but I'm also sad because I will be away from John for so long. I will miss him so much and worry constantly. I'm also worried about flying, I haven't flown in over a year and I also haven't flown in snow in years and years. I know I need to stop worrying but sometimes I can't help it. I'm also trying to get Moo to sleep in his own bed, tonight is the first night I am going to really try and not pick him up. It's going to hurt me if he screams and crys a lot. I'm still doing good in school, I have 3 A's so far and a 100% in one class! I'm darn proud of myself.

"Hey don't take my picture!"
Playing with Po!

Supposed to be sleeping but playing with duckie!

I love it when he stares at John, so cute!

Too cute!!!

Also supposed to be sleeping!

Caught in the act!

I have most excellent news to tell: Memphis and I will be leaving San Antonio forever January 27th!!! We will be flying to Ohio and staying with my grandma and grandpa for a while, maybe until the snow melts. John will be staying here for a few weeks to a month and then he will drive to NY and come pick me up in Ohio! I'm sooooooooo excited!!! This means I have a ton of work to do before we take off. We need to start packing and selling everything! I also got my job back at Old Navy so we'll have those paychecks to add onto of savings pot! I am so happy I'm over joyed! I couldn't sleep last night because of all the thinking I've been doing! John and I both feel better now, before we were both getting depressed thinking about having to stay here until May. But now we can just start preparing to leave and never come back here to SA.

Anyway here are some pics of the Moo!

Fishy face
spacing out

so precious

sitting with daddy!

in the tub

a rare moment in the tub

shy moo

Well today we got our bathtub fixed, part of the wall was rotted out by mold and they had to replace the piece of wall and the tiles. Yeah apartments pretty much suck but at least we got a new faucet and knob! Anyway not much has changed here. It's slowly getting cold or I should say chilly. This weekend we are going to get all of our Thanksgiving stuff, turkey, corn, cranberry sauce, etc. I'm looking forward to that meal although I need to be watching my weight my belly is coming back and NO I'm not pregnant again thank goodness! Anyway the real reason I'm posting is I have CUTE new pics! Enjoy!

Memphis has finally taking a liking to the rice cereal, when I mix it with my self-squeezed breastmilk! And thats hard to do without a pump! Anyway he now eagerly opens his mouth when the spoon is near...so cute! And he's still trying to roll over, he hasn't done it sense the last post. His poops are already starting to smell worse too and turn green! As if they weren't stinky enough!

John's been working overtime every week for the past 3 months! At least he's off this saturday and sunday. Wonder what we're gonna do. Hopefully not nothing because I get crazy if I don't get out into the public on the weekends! It's nice to wear something other than ugly pajama-type clothing for once! Anyway I'm posting some cute pics!

6:06 PM

Today Memphis achieved some big boy tasks! First off today we went to the hospital for some tests his doctor wanted done...we're trying to figure out why he has a little BO in his armpits. I loathe going to the hospital but I loathe it even more when it's Moo who has to be the patient. He had to have blood drawn and it took the nurses forever to find his vein (this is while the needle was in his tiny little arm mind you) and he was screaming so loud it sounded like someone was being murdered! He doesn't cry like a newborn anymore they sound more like shrieks. Anyway finally it was over and all he had to do was pee in a bag which was uncomfortable for both of us. All that was done and got the ok to leave...finally!

After the hospital I went to HEB to buy some stuff, cake mix, frosting, salsa for daddy, eggs, soy milk, cereal, and we got Moo DHA gerber rice cereal! I'm excited about this because maybe it will help him finally sleep through the night. Anyway we left HEB and went home. I did some baking, I baked bread and John's cake. Then I fed Moo some cereal and after a few trys he started opening his mouth when the spoon was near. I guess he got some after I had to put the stuff back in his mouth a few times until he wasn't spitting it all out. I'll try again tonight! A little later while Moo was getting his usual tummy time he flipped to his side and with a few tries he flipped onto his belly fro his back!!! i was so surprised I shrieked and clapped and it scared him so he started to cry. Poor Moo, I was just so excited! My baby growing up *tear*