Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!

Oh yeah Moo can get up to standing by himself now!

Memphis can now sit up on his own!!!

So Memphis has this new thing he loves and that is sitting in a high chair at the table with everyone else. Seen in the photo below he is also playing with an empty box and an empty cup which is another "toy" he loves to play with. He doesn't even pay attention to the toys I buy him he just wants empty boxes and cups. He's also eating a lot more, 2 jars of baby food, the 2nd foods, and almost another half onto that at one time. I'm no longer breastfeeding so I'm supplementing with formula now but he is eating so much baby food!!! He has gotten so big and is eating so well that the past 3 nights I fill him up with DHA oatmeal and he sleeps really good and doesn't need night feedings. I'm so proud of him! I'm also posting the link to my youtube page where there is a new video of Memphis' new greatest accomplishment!

9:45 AM

5 Generations, me, my mom, Meenas, Nini (turning 100 in march) and Moo
Moo in his high chair he loves!

Moo playing with the twins

John and Moo before we left

Loving the high chair

Moo and his sippy cup

The backyard before all the snow

Great Grandpa Mike and Uncle Wesley

Jared Memphis' second cousin wearing his mom's shoes

He's looking older already!

Turbin Memphis!

...Been so busy with everything. Memphis and I are in Ohio at my grandparent's house, enjoying the one foot of snow. I actually like it now that I'm up here. It's not as bad as I remember, I guess thats because I go from heated house to heated car to heated buildings. School is keeping me really busy this nine weeks. I have this one teacher that like to take points off for things that are specified in our syllabus. I have one B thanks to her. Anyway I'm missing John more and more. It's been so so hard for me to be away from him. Hopefully he comes to visit around the 20th of Febuary. I'm glad to be out of San Antonio now, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It feels good to be around family now if only I had John too it would be perfect.

I've started planning me and John's wedding which will happen in September and when I decide on a date will let everyone know! It's going to be a 50's themed wedding with hints of Asian things here and there. It will be neat! I'm also busy planning that so I am keeping myself busy busy busy so I don't worry myself sick about John.

Anyway Memphis and I are doing fine, missing his daddy though. We're keeping as warm as possible! I've got some pictures I will put in a new post for all to enjoy!