Hi Memphis' Mom!

Hi Memphis' Mom!

Ok so I've been trying to get Memphis to self soothe himself. It's not easy when he crys even though your next to him. He always always wants to be held. He finally, like just now, figured out how to keep the soothie in his mouth. Poor baby, I hate to let him cry but I guess you have to. He turned 3 months on Saturday and we celebrated by eating chinese buffet mmmmm...it was so good! The picture below is Memphis with his Johnny Cash shirt on!

The weather here is getting better. More cool in the mornings and I can finally turn off the aircon. during the day without sweating like a pig. Although when John comes home it has to be on because he still will. John is still planning to go back to school so we are save save saving! Still not sure if I'm going to Ohio or not. Probably shouldn't have gotten anyone''s hopes up. But we'll see I guess. I've been super busy with school, I'm in the last few weeks and my 2 big projects are due soon.

John and I are also planning to take a 2 month trip to Vietnam in a few years with his mom. Memphis will be about 3 years old by then. I cannot wait, when John came up with the idea I got so excited and I still am. Any chance to go back to South East Asia again!!! I love it there sooooo much! I told John someday I want to live there after our kids are grown and we are retired. I feel like I belong there somehow, it's weird. Like when I was in Thailand I felt like I should have been there. Anyways thats it for now I need to do some school stuff!

10:21 AM

Here's a Moo update...he's started to do this thing in the morning where if I'm not awake yet he'll start babbling and touching my face to wake me up and when I open my eyes he'll start laughing. It's so cute!!!! He did it this morning. I kept closing and opening my eyes and he would just laugh everytime I opened them. I love my little Moo pies!!! He's getting so big. When he's laying down sprawled out sometimes can't believe how big he's gotten! Little giant Moo. I've seen some babies though that are so fat!!! I wonder if they are formula fed because I heard that can be a factor in childhood obesity. Anyway I may write more later but I need to do some more research for my essay while he's still asleep.

10:33 AM

So I have spent most of the morning with Memphis on my lap making him laugh and smile. He has found his feet and he stares at them, he'll lean forward as far as he can to try and put those toes in his mouth but he's not too coordinated yet. Poor baby, he looks so cute when he tries. He's now asleep so hopefully when I'm finished with this blog I still have time to keep working on my essay.

John and I decided last night that we are just going to stay in this apartment. It's cheap here, and he has his little work space on the balcony where he has his tools and things. I know he still wishes we had a garage where he could work on his motorcycle and car. We need to save a lot of money to pay off the scion and so he can quit his construction job and just work somewhere part time because he's going back to school. We'll just have to sacrifice buying stuff we don't really need and stop eating out every weekend. Although we are still going out to chinese buffet on saturday...the excuse is because Memphy turns 3 months on saturday! Anyway my Vans Era shoes that I ordered off of amazon should arrive here today! I've never bought shoes off the internet before so hopefully they fit!

2:59 PM

So John and I decided the only way to save money is to eat like Vietnamese people. Well not exactly but along the lines of cheap plus Asian equals packaged noodles, cans of assorted seafood, rice and the sale meats you can get at HEB. We also take spirulina and calcium supplements since neither of us are eating any dairy...at all. I've had to sacrifice caffeine, chocolate and dairy for Memphis. He has a severe allergy to dairy and caffeine makes him fussy and since he's exclusively breastfed it's better I leave those things out of my diet. I sure miss chocolate though...oh and cheese...mmmmm. We've been doing it now for 2 weeks and I've lost weight already!!! Not that I really needed to but it's exciting nonetheless! Plus we've saved a lot of money. Everyday we crave fourth meal from taco bell or wendy's baconator!!! Makes my mouth water just thinking about the greasy deliciousness of it! I managed however to talk John into going to chinese buffet on saturday! YAY! Is it sad to look forward to days only because your going to eat something really bad for you? I miss the days when i was pregnant and I could eat anything and everything I wanted just because I was pregnant...actually hated being pregnant and all the uncomfortable, sleeplessness, bloated parts about it. What I'm really craving right now is warm brie cheese with a hot loaf of french bread. Listen to me I sound like I'm pregnant...but I'm not!!! I swear I'm not, I promise...I better not be, I'M NOT!! I'm not....but on that topic me and John do want to have more kids and I've been thinking of names: boy- Marley Hanh Carnahan girl- Mai Ly Carnahan...Mai Ly and Hanh being Vietnamese names. I think they are so cute and since all the children we have will look like their father I think the names fit! John and Kate were right...if you have children with someone who is half Asian of some kind your kids will look more Asian that anything else! Anyways enough of that I need to eat something before Memphis wakes up again.

Well not much actually. Still waiting to hear if or when me and The Moo are going to Ohio. I have the first draft of my essay for ENG101 due on sunday. I love school by the way so glad I decided to go back. John and I have decided in order to save money we will hold off on buying a house because he wants to go back to school too. He wants to major in Radiology. We don't want to stay in SA forever so we figured me being a teacher and he being in the medical field we can get jobs almost anywhere. So when we are both done with school we can move where ever we want to. Somewhere closer to both of our families. John is also still working on his motorcycle (a 73 honda) and he hasn't started working on his nissan 240 even though a bunch of parts for it arrived in the mail. We get so busy on the weekends now. We're still debating whether or not we are gonna move into another apartment. It's hard to find a reasonable priced one thats not in the ghetto.

Memphis is asleep right here next to me in my (I mean his) bed. He snores like his daddy so cute! His pediatrician told me to get polyvisol, a oral vitamin supplement, because he is being strictly breastfed and apparently he doesn't get enough vitamins from my milk. Everytime I try to give it to him he throws up the contents of his tummy. Poor baby almost makes me not want to give it to him. He's starting to try and sit up by himself but he still needs my help. He'll be sitting in his bath tub (his favorite seat) and he will try to raise up with his elbows. He's getting so big! He will be 3 months already this saturday.

Anyway thought I would let you know whats up!